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3 Different Types of Line Marking Stencils for Your Commercial Parking Space

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If you run a busy business where customers constantly drive into and out of your premises, it is important that you take all practicable steps to ensure some sort of order in your parking lot. If high-traffic commercial parking spaces are not provided with the right signage, they can be a source of vehicular collisions and injury to people. To improve your lot's parking system with signage, you can use a series of line marking stencils. Here are a few important stencils you will require for your line marking.

Handicap stencils

Reserving parking space for disabled people is usually one of the most important yet overlooked things by businesses that have little regard for the trouble that handicapped customers go through just to park their cars. Handicap line marking stencils generally display the internationally recognised symbol of somebody using a wheelchair. The symbol may be used together with phrases such as "HANDICAP PARKING" to indicate that the parking space is exclusively reserved for disabled persons. This can even create a positive impression of your business in the eyes of your able-bodied customers, many of whom may be sensitive to the special needs of the handicapped. As is standard, handicap parking marks should generally be painted in blue.

Directional stencils

In order to ensure that there is proper flow of vehicular traffic in your commercial parking lot, you will need to point drivers in the right direction. Entryways and exit points must be properly marked to prevent accidents that may occur because of cars moving in opposite directions. Also, there should be arrow signs to guide drivers on what roadways to take once they are inside the lot. Arrow stencils can come in a wide variety of styles including but not limited to straight arrow stencils, curved arrow stencils, combo arrow stencils, and arrow head stencils. These stencils can be used to notify drivers of many things such as that there is a U-turn ahead or that the drivers are taking the wrong roadway.

Instructional stencils

These stencils are meant to provide instructions on the proper use of your parking lot. For instance, you may paint a "STOP" sign on the ground at the entryway of your lot so that drivers can stop for a security check before they are allowed to access your commercial premises. In case a reckless driver runs over a "STOP" sign, they would generally not get booked for it. Therefore, it would be great if you can put some physical barrier at the entrance to avoid such incidences. But that does not mean people driving on your property are relieved of the duty to drive safely.

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