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How to Avoid Problems When Applying for an Australian Partner Visa

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They say that true love is blind to any other issues, as if nothing should get in between two people who are genuinely in love. While this is a very laudable concept, it doesn't always pan out this way. If you're of foreign nationality and have fallen in love with an Australian, then there are certain procedures you have to take before you can move here and live with your partner. What do you need to do?

Gather Credible, Supporting Evidence

Many people believe that one of the most important things they must do when trying to prove the validity of their relationship is to gather together many boxes of evidence. The more the better, right? Actually, it is more important that the evidence provided is compelling in nature and corroborates the official documents that you file. You don't need to worry about generating a huge amount of supporting material. The material should be significant and relevant and allow the case officer to see a specific timeline, from the time that you met through to the current day. Remember, that the case officer is going to be looking for credibility first and foremost.

Make Sure Your Application Is Naturally Structured

Over the years, many people have tried to get Australian partner visas purely for convenience, and this is one of the things that the authorities will be looking for. They are very finely tuned when it comes to uncovering this type of visa fraud and will be looking to see that your application is not only well presented, but structured "naturally" as opposed to being contrived.

Avoid Doing Anything That Could Raise Red Flags

What does this mean? Well, for example, it's highly unlikely that two people would immediately run out and set up joint bank accounts very shortly after what is supposed to be their first meeting. It is equally unlikely that they will name each other as beneficiaries of their estate, right out of the box. If your evidence suggests that you took these actions very shortly after the evidence also shows the date of your initial meeting, this is a giant red flag.

Be Careful of Technical Details

Some of the biggest reasons for visa refusal in genuine cases are linked to technical reasons, such as having an incorrect visa type at the time of application or applying for the visa from the wrong location. If your relationship is genuine and has developed naturally over time, then you shouldn't have much to worry about, so long as you take care of all those technical details upfront.

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