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Check Out Some Ideas On How To Modify Your Shipping Container For Domestic Storage

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Shipping containers are great options when it comes to creating storage space at home. They are safe, they offer lots of space, and they can be moved whenever the need arises. Another great perk of using shipping containers as storage units is that they can be modified to suit your custom needs. If you're thinking about buying shipping containers for sale to turn them into storage units, this article will clue you in on various ways you can modify them to achieve better value.

Cutting to size

Shipping containers are manufactured in three main sizes—10 ft, 20ft, and 40 ft lengths. Depending on your needs, you may not want all that volume or you may not be able to fit that much container in your backyard. If that is the case, you can have your container cut to size to fit the specific dimensions that you are comfortable with. Your container will be cut and put back together, complete with the doors; only that now it will be smaller and more fitting for your needs and space.


Shipping containers have massive storage space. Depending on your needs, you may not want to have one big space on your shipping container. Instead, to improve your storage experience, you may want the big space divided into several smaller units. This would allow you to store different items in the different compartments. This can be achieved by having your container fitted with dividing walls and separate doors for each compartment.

Installation of shelving units and hanging racks

Another way to improve your storage experience when it comes to shipping containers is by having them modified to feature storage fixtures such as shelving units and hanging racks. These allow you to make maximum use of the vast space that containers offer. The fabricator will design these fixtures and weld them in place inside the container.

Installation of large side doors

Another modification that you could possibly need in your shipping container is the installation of large side doors. Typically, containers have two swinging doors on one end. By installing larger doors on the side, you can easily load bulky goods or machinery with ease. You could still retain the original doors or you could have them welded shut and replaced with the new ones.

The good news is that when you buy shipping containers for sale, the suppliers can often undertake the modification for you. And if they can't, they can most likely coordinate with people who can. This allows you to order your unit and collect it with the modifications already applied.