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Balcony Balustrades: 5 Design Options

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A balcony can be a great space which allows you to enjoy great views and summer sunshine from the comfort of your own home. However, it is important that your balcony is safe. One way of protecting anyone who uses your balcony is to install balustrades. Below is a guide to 5 options you should consider when choosing balustrades for your balcony.

Bespoke balustrade design

Traditional balustrades often feature horizontal or vertical railings. However, these days are a range of designs on offer. When choosing balustrades, you should work with the supplier to design balustrades which reflect your personal style. For example, you could ask for scrollwork or other designs to be incorporated into the balustrades.

Glass balustrades

You should also think about the possibility of installing a glass balustrade. Glass balustrades are considered safer than traditional designs as they do not feature wide openings, which will provide peace of mind if you have young children or small pets. Glass will also allow an increased amount of light to enter your balcony area.

Balustrades with partial wall

If you wish to incorporate a balustrade into your balcony but also want to include a more solid barrier, you should consider using a partial wall. The small wall can make your balcony feel safer while the balustrade will create a more open feel.

Balustrades with full-sided walls

If you wish to create a contrast to the look of your balcony, you should think about combining full-sided walls with the balustrades. A full-sided wall at either end of your balcony can help to protect you from high winds and other adverse weather conditions, allowing you to use your balcony on a more frequent basis. The balustrades can be installed so they run along the front of your balcony, connecting to the walls at either end.

Balustrades and supportive pillars

If your balcony is fitted with a roof or overhang, it may feature supportive pillars which run from the base of the balcony up to the roof structure. You should carefully consider the choice of material so that your balustrades match with the supportive pillars. If a pillar is purely decorative and is non-load bearing, you may be able to have it removed so it does not interrupt the flow of the balustrades.

If you would like further advice about choosing or designing the right balustrades for your balcony, contact a balustrade contractor today.