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Using Paint Primer: A Guide

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If you decide to prep the walls in your home before the arrival of professional house painters, it is important you follow the correct procedures. Paint primer helps to create a good level of adhesion between the final coat of paint and the wall as well as increasing the overall durability of the finish. Paint primer also reduces the chance of cracks or blisters forming. Below is a guide which will help to perfectly apply primer before the painters arrive.

Prep the walls

Before you apply the primer, you should ensure that the wall surface is free of any dust and debris. If any dust or debris is present, it could prevent the primer from properly adhering to the wall. If the wall has any rough patches, you should sand these until they are smooth. After cleaning and sanding the wall, you should use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining dust and debris. Next, you should wash the wall using a mixture of warm water and liquid detergent, and then dry it using a lint free towel. Finally, you should line the area where the floors and walls meet with masking tape to prevent the primer from causing damage to the floor.

Use a latex primer

Home improvement stores sell a wide variety of primers, so it is important that you choose the right one. Primers are typically either latex or oil based. A latex primer is easier to apply, which makes it a good choice for preparing wooden, concrete and drywall surfaces. Traditional oil based primers are less flexible, harder to apply and are more likely to result in a cracked or uneven finish. This is why you should always opt for a latex primer where possible.

Apply the primer to the surface

Before you apply the primer to the surface, you should stir it well to ensure that it contains no lumps. You can then use a roller or brush to apply the primer to the surface. You should start in a top corner and work down towards the bottom edge. As you do this, do not worry about any lines or streaks that appear, as these will be covered by the final coat of paint. You should let the primer dry overnight before calling in the professional painters to finish the job.

If you would like further advice about how best to prepare your walls for a professional painting team, contact a house painting service today.