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Different Types of Businesses Using Your Pontoon Boat

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If you have a pontoon boat, you might be wondering how you can make money from it. There are actually a variety of businesses you can run just with your boat, from services provided onboard, to offering your boat as a charter option for others. Here are some different business options for a pontoon.

Rent Out the Boat

Your first option is to leave the boat docked on your own pontoon dock, also called a floating dock, and rent it out to interested parties. There might be someone in the area who is on vacation and would like use of the boat for fishing, or someone might want to charter a boat for a few days. You can set the rental rate based on the number of hours or days, depending on what the renting needs are for your area. If you live somewhere that is popular among tourists, you have a greater chance of having someone wanting to rent a pontoon boat.

Use it For Transportation

One of the ways to actually drive the pontoon boat and make money with it is to use it as transportation. For example, you might live in an area where the body of water is the only way people can get from point A to point B. You can drive the boat back and forth for people who have no other mode of transportation. This is good whether you want to offer a discounted ride or when the other boats in the area providing transportation are full and someone is in urgent need to get across the water.

Offer Tours

Another way to use your pontoon boat with you driving is to drive people around the water, but more for tour purposes. This isn't just transportation, but actually giving them a guided tour. It is great when families or groups of friends are traveling together and want a short tour in a un environment, but not on a huge boat with dozens of strangers. You can restrict it to just private tours for small groups to provide a more casual and intimate experience.

Provide Services On the Boat

There are a variety of services you can provide on pontoons while you drive it around the waters in your area. You can have a food boat, similar to a food truck, where you stop at different docks and ports with food you have prepared right on the boat. You can also offer nighttime romantic "cruises" around the water, providing champagne or wine and soft music playing while the couples sit back and relax.