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Which Engagement Ring Should You Choose?

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Many significant events can punctuate a life. Leaving school, getting your first job, and buying your first house are all important moments, but few of these can compare to the thrill of becoming engaged. An engagement means starting to plan for a marriage that will see you united with your life partner. To mark an engagement, it is traditional to present your future spouse with a ring. Diamond engagement rings have been used for generations, and there is no better way of showing your love and appreciation for the person you are asking to marry you.

Different types of ring

You might think that all diamond engagement rings are similar, but that isn't the case. Almost all diamond engagement rings will feature a ring band and at least one diamond. Beyond those two essentials, there is an enormous variety of rings available. If you don't have experience buying rings, it can often be a struggle to decide how to begin your search. There are two parts to all diamond engagement rings: the band and the diamond. Normally, the diamond gets more attention than the band of the ring. The diamond is bright and sparkly, and it's the part of the ring that people notice first. However, the diamond is set in a band, and choosing the right band can show your diamond to the best advantage.

The band 

A yellow gold band is a perennial favourite for diamond engagement rings, but that doesn't mean that it is the only choice. Yellow gold is beautiful, and if that's what you want, then nothing should stop you. However, yellow gold isn't right for everyone. Yellow gold is a soft material, and if your fiancĂ© removes their ring regularly, they will soon wear down the gold and need to replace it. Platinum may be a better choice in that situation. It is more hard-wearing and still presents an attractive appearance. If wear isn't an issue, but you would prefer something other than yellow gold, you could think about either a silver or white gold band. Either of these options could present your diamond to the world in a beautiful setting.

The diamond 

Some people will opt for a ring with the largest diamond that they can find. A large diamond can often look attractive, but there are also times that it could overwhelm the senses and even appear brash. Large diamonds can be a particular problem for people with small, delicate hands. For people with smaller hands, it is often preferable to consider diamond engagement rings that feature multiple smaller diamonds. These diamond can be placed around the ring rather than one large diamond in the centre.